Cruising again

I left Auckland – New Zealand on February the 11th on a voyage across 10 seas, 6 time zones, stopping at 8 ports of call over 26 days and sailing approximately 7376 nautical miles ending up in Hong Kong.

The ship: P & O’s – Aurora.

The average age of life Onboard the ship: probably 60.

The amount of passengers Onboard: 1800 (approx)

Launched in the year 2000 this world cruise is Auroras 15th year of cruising itself. At the end of this year it goes into dry dock for a whole new refurb. In fact the whole P&O fleet will be having a whole new look.

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Where to next?

I would say that this ‘reverse-culture shock’ syndrome definitely exists. Being back and involved in what I would call a normal everyday routined existence has been hard.


Firstly I think I am still exhausted from Borneo! But with that comes the interesting point that really in comparison to Borneo my day doesn’t comprise of much. Therefore I got tired quickly. Funny how doing nothing can make you tired eh.

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Christmas down under

Throwing myself back into what I would call a normal way of life has been interesting.


Hot showers, orange juice, bacon! It’s all come back into my life. Very swiftly the time in Borneo seems like a long time ago. But also just like yesterday. I miss my Borneo family! But have found and had an awesome time in Australia for Christmas.


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