Cruising again

I left Auckland – New Zealand on February the 11th on a voyage across 10 seas, 6 time zones, stopping at 8 ports of call over 26 days and sailing approximately 7376 nautical miles ending up in Hong Kong.

The ship: P & O’s – Aurora.

The average age of life Onboard the ship: probably 60.

The amount of passengers Onboard: 1800 (approx)

Launched in the year 2000 this world cruise is Auroras 15th year of cruising itself. At the end of this year it goes into dry dock for a whole new refurb. In fact the whole P&O fleet will be having a whole new look.

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Ocean facts

So, I think I mentioned I attended a lecture on the ocean on Sunday. Well with the second lecture tomorrow I thought I could share with you a few things I learnt yesterday…


So here it goes….


1. 71% of the world is ocean


2. The biggest mammal in the world is a blue whale. After banning whale hunting in some parts of the world the blue whale has now increased in population from less than 1000 to around 5000. Which is good news. Think it would be on my bucket list to see one!!


3. Average depth of the ocean is 3720 metres


4. Deepest point is the Mariana trench which is 11033 metres deep (sheesh!) and is in the western pacific.


5. 97% of our planets water is contained in the ocean


6. 90% of the worlds trade is carried by ships


7. 80% of pollution in the worlds oceans comes from land based activities.


8. The deepest ocean trench is over one mile deeper than Mount Everest is high.


9. Coral reefs reside in less than 0.5% of the ocean. However 90% of marine species are directly or indirectly dependent on them.


10. The country with the longest coastline is Canada


That is all for now!!