Final thoughts on New Zealand

Before I start blogging about my departure from New Zealand I thought it would be nice to sum up some facts and history about New Zealand. Mainly for my own reference when I look back at this blog, but hey, it may be of interest to you too. To begin I will briefly highlight the story of New Zealand from the Mauri standing. My friend dickie had relayed this story to me whilst we were walking some 4km walk downhill to a traditional Borneo wedding just south of Kota Kinabalu in Malaysian Borneo before Christmas. This was just one of many tales about New Zealand and Mauri culture that he told me. I was fascinated by the stories, not only for their content, but also because dickie has a fantastic way of storytelling that he should most definitly be complimented upon.Read More »

Stewart Island

I am aware I have not kept quite on top of this blog of late. Several reasons why but nevertheless I shall now endeavour to fill you in.

After the majestic and stunning doubtful sound, we made our way down to bluff. This is the town on one of the lowest tips of the South Island of New Zealand. We passed through Invercargill, stopping at a museum to see real living dinasaurs (genuinely) and from here headed to bluff for one night before departing by ferry to Stewart Island. The ‘anchor’ of New Zealand.

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New Zealand

Friends who have travelled to New Zealand before myself have come back with the general concensus being that it is the most beautiful place in the world. I was worried that by hearing such good things about this country; I would have an anticlimactic feeling upon my arrival.

In fact it has been the opposite. I am overwhelmed by the beauty of New Zealand. It is familiar and yet vastly greater in terms of that familiarity.

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