Cook island get togethers

Traditionally, the cook islands celebrate the 1st birthday of a child’s life, just like we do, but it perhaps has more significance in their culture and therefore was promising to be quite the affair! I had been told that up to 80 people could be coming!! Dickie certainly was preparing food for the masses when I awoke that Saturday morning.

He was making a potato dish called ‘minus’ This is basically potato, beetroot, mayonnaise and what I would call piccalilli with egg shavings on top. It’s like a potato salad. Read More »

Christmas down under

Throwing myself back into what I would call a normal way of life has been interesting.


Hot showers, orange juice, bacon! It’s all come back into my life. Very swiftly the time in Borneo seems like a long time ago. But also just like yesterday. I miss my Borneo family! But have found and had an awesome time in Australia for Christmas.


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