Dunedin to Akoroa

We made our way down to the beautiful railway station building. Apparently the most photographed building in New Zealand. You can see why. Inside, royal doltan mosaic tiling all over the floor. From here we picked up the Taeri gorge railway ride that took us- funnily enough- through gorges and up into mountains before returning back to Dunedin for lunch.ย 

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The Catlins

Drove from Bluff to waikawa. This is in an area of New Zealand called the ‘catlins’ in the South west. This small village is near a place called niagara. We stopped off at the southern most tip of the South Island in New Zealand. Went for dinner at a place where a local girl won medals in the Olympics 2012. They have waterfalls there which they jokingly call the ‘niagara falls of new Zealand’ they are probably not even a meter high. Staying in a nice motel overlooking the waikawa harbour. All silted up but many years ago a thriving harbour/port.Read More »