Final disembarkation

Well! I did it! 26 day cruise. Arrived in Hong Kong. Can’t tell you how happy I am to get off the ship! But it is a real mixture of emotions. The ship becomes your home for the time you are on it. You exist in this little bubble of life travelling between countries, climates and time zones on its own little adventure with little worry of anything else happening in the world.

It has by no means been a bad experience but it has definitely been very interesting from my own standing. Certainly the last two nights Onboard the ship were horrible as we were in particularly bad weather. A shame really to have ended it in that way. Wind howling, rain intermittent and large swell meant I didn’t sleep particularly well at all. In fact on both of the last nights I was woken by the weather at around 3am where I then got up and dressed and left our cabin to wander around the ship in order to feel some kind of sense of normality. It probably did the opposite though. There was no one around but all the lights were on. The huge vessel moving quite significantly from side to side. My only guess is that this older generation Onboard are so well weathered by life at sea (pardon the pun) that they have the amazing ability to just sleep right through it. This is certainly the case for mum anyway. So this weird ghost ship like existence of the ship at 3am fascinated me.

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Encountering Episodes

“It is impossible to know both an objects position and its path simultaneously. If it were possible, then we’d be able to predict its future unmistakably”ย – Heisenberg uncertainty principle.

Over the past year or so the above idea has embedded itself subconsciously in my mind. Although I believe this theory to be based around mainly scientific relevance, I think it’s astounding how much it can resonate in other areas of life, albeit personal, philosophical, to do with every day goings on, planning for the future and I think it also has a roll to play in determining fate.

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