I had no idea what to expect upon entering Christchurch. I briefly stayed here for one night earlier on in my trip before taking the early morning tranzalpine train across to greymouth on the west coast. Then, I had stayed right near the train station, a little walk from the centre of the city. But I didn’t really delve into the Christchurch centre. I knew I was coming back.

On arriving here today, it initially seemed like a normal town. Driving into the suburbial areas I could have been in any other town. I mean, it wasn’t rammed with people; this vast country only has 4 million residents. But it still held this chilled kiwi vibe of locals going about their Saturday morning business. In observation Christchurch feels very flat considering it’s surrounding coastal heights. And very flat compared to all the other cities I have been to here.

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Arthur’s Pass & Franz Joseph Glacier

Leaving Christchurch we took the tranzalpine train across to the west coast and the town of greymouth.

Another fascinating train journey. I marvel at how they built these tracks across such remote, vast and often treacherous lands. I really enjoyed this route. Again with a commentary, a beautiful day and a front row seat to new Zealand’s renowned beauty I had no reason to complain. Read More »

Journey to the South Island

Departing from Auckland I took an early train through the dramatic and beautiful landscape of the north, down to wellington. Everywhere I passed could have featured somewhere in lord of the rings. In some places I would see an area that I thought they definitely must have filmed at and then two minutes later I would scrap that because I would have seen somewhere else much more likely.

Over high bridges, passing rivers, hobbit like hills and mounds, snow capped mountains in the distance and then finally down to the west coast leading us into wellington. The train ride was well worth the money, and informative! We each had headphones we could listen to history or geographical information about all the places we were passing.

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