The final loop leg

So after the Imbak canyon visit we drove out of the primary rainforest and made our way to sepilok for the night. Sepilok is on the far eastern part of Sabah in Malaysian Borneo. Here there is a rehabilitation centre for orangutan and as a special loop treat we get to stay in sepilok for the night. We were pretty exhausted so this was a well planned break.


Visiting the sanctuary was not dissimilar to the other orangutan sanctuary I visited back in September. It was bigger and they had a lot more space but I felt like it was a similar experience.

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The loop continued…

So after alpha 1 we headed out to alpha 3. Alpha 3 is based at Imbak canyon. We firstly had to drive to Telupid. This is about a four hour drive through the mountains, up and down, getting stuck behind huge lorries…it’s pretty tiring. Then after a stop in Telupid for lunch we headed into Palm oil plantation Central and towards Imbak. Imbak is surrounded by Palm oil and logging roads. So although it wasn’t extreme off roading it was still pretty hairy at times. Especially towards the end. Nat (logistics nat) is spending the last part of the phase with alpha three and so she was accompanying us in the land rover.Read More »