If They Leave You, You Must Let Them Go

A poignant reminder to let go

Thought Catalog

Jörg SchubertJörg Schubert

“If he leaves, you have to let him go,” My mother sits at the kitchen table, offering up this simple sentence. I want to tell her it isn’t that easy and I don’t understand why. She gently pushes a plate of food towards me, but I’m not hungry. Her eyes are green, just like mine. I can see the worry. I want to tell her I’m okay.

But in that moment, I’m not.

“But why would he say those things? I don’t understand. Nothing makes sense.” I stare at my hands because I’m afraid to look straight at my mom. We have faced unimaginable demons together, taking turns at the helm. We have steered ships straight through storms, together. We are Athenas, strong and resilient. We are warriors, and I know this. But a boy has left me and I can’t stop crying. I want to ask her…

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